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About us

Ingimec is an engineering company focused on manufacturing customized machinery. With more than 10 years of experience, a lot of companies have entrusted their projects to us, with achievements over both the national and international market.


Our origins

Ingimec was born in late 2006, as a result of the enterprise spirit of several engineers and the experience they have adquired during more than ten years on special machinery projects in high-tech flieds, and in different Catalan engineering companies.

The first years of our company meant the begining from zero and evolved in a very satisfactory way within a strong economic crisis. Market diversification and the flexibility of our company has avoided major difficulties of this moment achieving some of our important goals.

From the present, looking to the future

Currently, Ingimec has modern facilities with an area about 700 m2 in one of the best located industrial park of Manresa, fully adapted to the needs that require different types of customers such as:

  • Automotive Sector
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Alimentary sector
  •  Laboratories


Our highest potential is the talent, professionalism and compromise. We work to improve your production.

We work with the best professionals in the engineering area to develop the projects of our clients in the most satisfactory way.


Efficiency and price

Our objective is to always find the best solution with the lowest investment costs for any specific project and its requirements.

Adaptation and flexibility

We adapt to our customers needs, no matter how complicated it is. We know that any problems or production requirements are very important for our clients and consequently for us.

Exceeding expectations

We are not satisfied with the minimum. Our projects not only have to achieve the expectations of our customers, our projects have to overcome these expectations.

After-sales service

Our job does not end with the delivery of the machine or project.
We provide assistance to any incident as soon as possible and keep looking constantly for a feedback from the customer to keep improving.


Ingimec designs projects with


Design and manufacturing of customized machinery, test benches, process automation, production machinery, robotics and machine vision, welding stations, tools, engineering calculations…


Design and manufacture of customized machines

This is the main service of the company. When a productive/test/process requirement is set, we take care of everything, we look for the most appropiate technical solution and develop the project to deliver it turnkey, fulfilling all the legal rules established and with all necessary documentation.
In case of needing just the projcet, we can design your new machinery, tool or automatization, and deliver all the documentation including, assembly drawings, exploded-view drawings and lists of material for you to take charge of their production easily.


Production machinery

Most of the machinery developed by Ingimec fits in this section. We produce all types of machines such as nailing presses with force control and displacement, power equipment and component assembly, production lines (several machines in a production sequence), weighting equipment, dosing of raw materials, cutting and laser marking, etc.


Test benches

We develop different verificationand test equipments, equipment to check correct placement of components or mechanisms, equipment for leakage verification, pressure testing, hardness, strength, dimensional and other.

Integration of robots and artificial vision

Integration of robots and artificial vision

We develop robotics projects integrating leading-brand robots such as ABB, FANUC, MOTOMAN, KUKA and others. These projects are based on the use of these robots within our machines or in automated production cells within existant processes of our customers.
We also work on various brands to integrate vision systems such as KEYENCE, COGNEX o SIEMENS.

Automatització de processos i pokayokes.

Process Automation and pokayokes

We improve production processes already established by modifying the necessary parts, enhancing for example important matters such as cycle time and product quality. From a small modification to interventions in large production lines.

We implement poka-yokes fail-safe systems where the employee can not misplace components, tools, etc) and we are used to work with SMED methodologies to guarantee a quick change of the tools for different products in the same production unit.

Welding stations

Welding stations

We design and manufacture cells and welding tools of all types, our experience is based on tool projects for torch-welding cells, resistance-welding, plasma-welding, laser-welding (LBW) for various automotive customers.

Tools in general

Tools in general

The small tools or parts of machines and mechanisms to be integrated in our client’s machines are also part of our daily comitement. We are used to solve the positioning and handling of components as well as manual operations to optimize production processes.

Engineering calculations

Engineering calculations

We develop engineering calculations and adjustments to fullfill regulation requirements. Finite Element Method, tests, etc.

Four Robot welding cell

Sorry, this entry is only available in cat.

Abrasion test machine

Sorry, this entry is only available in esp and cat.

Laser marking workstation with inspection camera

Laser marking workstation for metal components
Marking control with inspection camera

Wheel conveyors

Wheel conveyor to optimise production cycle times


Customized weightless Handlers

Customized electrical Handlers

Welding tools

Design and manufacturing of equipment for arch, resistance and plasma welding stations.

Automatic riveting machine

Riveted with nailing control

High production 5,800 units per hour

Force vs. displacement analysis with graphics

Gear-engaging distance checking machine

Gear test thorugh contact

X-Y-Z axis servocontrolled

Possibility to test hypoid gears

Maximum crown size to be tested: 1000mm

Pressing cell with robot vision

Robot ABB 65Kg

Nailed by electric presses

Conveyor and marking station

Artificial vision

Self-supporting structure

Warehouse 7 meters vertical Transfer bars

High capacity 2 x 7 x 7 meters

Adaptation to the customer product

Support systems for the operator

Fixing systems for simple and flexible bars

Silentblocks insertion machine with hydraulic press

Insertion force defined by the customer

Dimensional control of critical dimensions

Analysis of curve forcc-displacement with graph

Labbeled Product

Insertion machine silentblocks with electric press

Insertion force defined by the customer

Dimensional control of critical dimensions

Analysis of curve force-displacement with graph

Projects done

We are glad to show some of the projects developed by our company.
Further information about specific projects can be requested through the contact form


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Where are we

  • Ingimec ingenieria S.L.
  • C/ Castellet 21
  • Pol.Ind. Els dolors
    08243 Manresa
  • Tel: 93 827 24 38
  • Fax: 93 832 12 07
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C/ Castellet 21 Pol.Ind. Els dolors 08243 Manresa